Aladdin Christmas Pantomime

Sunday 16th December 2018 - 11.00Am

Firstly we meet Abanazar, a thieving scoundrel who tells us his one dream is to trick Aladdin into entering the cave at the outskirts of Old Peking and getting him the Magic Lamp which will give him untold wealth and power. Next we go to the very unusual Widow Twankey's Chinese Laundry where we meet her two sons, Wishee Washee, a hard working boy who gets into trouble and mischief all the time and Aladdin who dreams of marrying the Princess one day, if he could only be wealthy and powerful.

But, unfortunately Aladdin is caught in the palace grounds meeting the Princess and is caught by the palace guards. Abanazar offers to free him if Aladdin will go into the cave and get the Magic Lamp, which he agrees to do. However, when in the cave, Aladdin is dazzled by all the wonderful treasures, and has second thoughts about giving Abanazar the Magic Lamp. Abanazar gets angry and seals the cave entrance with Aladdin still in the cave! Aladdin rubs the Magic Lamp and is granted three wishes by the Genie of the Lamp.

We find Aladdin has escaped the cave and become wealthy and powerful, thanks to the Genie of the Lamp, who Aladdin says he will set free. Aladdin plans to marry the Princess, but before he can propose, Abanazar tricks the Princess into swapping the Magic Lamp for an old one and before she knows it, she has given away Aladdin's Lamp and all his wealth and power. READ MORE HERE!

Santa will arrive at the end of the show to wish all the lucky children a Merry Christmas! Don't forget to collect an age appropriate show bag for each child attending the show. 

  • Tickets: $10 (includes show bag and $2 booking fee)