Kings of the Keys

Saturday 15th february 2020 - 7.30pm


More than a Tribute......Kings of the Keys celebrates the timeless music of illustrious rock and roll piano royalty, a celebration of the music, the artist and its inspiration. Vocalist Liam Cooper leads the show on the grand piano backed by a killer live band. Aussie viral internet sensation Liam Cooper (10 million views, 10 million streams) and his band for  jam-packed celebration to more than 15 artists whose piano-driven HITs have made them undeniable Kings Of the Keys

Sharing the meaning and inspiration behind your favourite songs, Liam who is known for his vibrant energy and star of Kings of the Keys will take you on twists and turns through an expertly curated playlist of classics. From 50s rock and roll legends Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, plus the iconic Benny & The Jets, My Life, I Go To Rio, Let It Be and Rocket Man,  there's even an 80's synth-pop medley of Jump, Take on Me and Final Countdown with Liam taking to the iconic 80's 'keytar' covering four incredible decades of music.

You have Walking in Memphis, Bohemian Rhapsody, Piano Man and the show-stopping Bridge Over Troubled Water. There's a story in every song. Paul McCartney write Let It Be after his mother, Mary, visited him in a dream. Bernie Taupin wrote Benny & The Jets as a satire on the 1970s music industry.  The "waitress practicing politics" in Billy Joel's Piano Man as his first wife Elizabeth Weber. Bohemian Rhapsody was Freddie's coming out anthem. Liam seamlessly winds stories like these throughout the show, allowing audiences to experience their favorite music in a whole new state of mind. His enthusiasm for the songs and their stories is infectious.

A 2-hour show, 550 pages of music, 26 songs covering 15 artists.

  • Tickets: $37 (includes $2 booking fee)