The Gambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Act 1999 and other regulations aim to ensure that registered clubs and hotels adopt responsible practices for gambling activities conducted on their premises. Hornsby RSL Club prides itself in being a community oriented organisation. We are committed to providing a safe, friendly and responsible environment for our members and guests.

Hornsby RSL Club's responsible gambling practices recognise that the vast majority of those patrons who participate in gambling do so as an enjoyable activity but that for some, gambling causes significant problems. In recognition of this, we have taken a number of steps to help mitigate these risks.

ClubSAFE Premium & MVSE

Hornsby RSL Club is a member of ClubSAFE Premium. We provide our patrons with access to the Multi Venue Self Exclusion program at any time the Club is open. This program is designed to restrict access to venues around where a person lives, works and socialises with a view to reducing as far as practicable the temptation to enter into gambling activities. Ask to speak with a Venue Manager or the Club's Gaming Manager to enter the MVSE program today. Alternatively, call CambleAware on 1800 858 858.


“OK2PLAY” a technology-based platform has been implemented in Hornsby RSL Club. OK2PLAY offers a discrete and seamless form of communication between our patrons and staff. Via the push of a button or the scanning a QR code a message is sent to senior management who can then reach out to a patron in a matter of moments and at that point gambling related counselling assistance can be offered to those in need.

Voluntary Pre-commitment

The Club offers emPower (Spend Assist), a voluntary pre-commitment program to patrons who wish to monitor or control their gaming play. Voluntary pre-commitment is advertised on gaming machines within the Club, and can be activated by speaking with a Venue Manager the Club's Gaming Manager, or the Club's Compliance & Experience Manager. 

Family-initiated Exclusion
When a person’s gambling is causing their family harm, it may be appropriate to consider applying for a family-initiated exclusion. A responsible gambling counsellor will work with you, the player and the Club, separately and privately, to determine whether an exclusion is necessary. If the Club enforces an exclusion, the player will be barred from accessing the gambling facilities of our Club for 12 months. To enquire about family-initiated exclusion, contact ClubSAFE Counselling using the details found below on this page. 

Gamble Aware

Hornsby RSL Club advocates the services of GambleAware and actively promotes the self-help number 1800 858 858 in all areas where gambling can be undertaken. We exceed the legislative requirements relating to the distribution of gambling help materials to ensure that information is readily available for any patron that feels they need assistance. GambleAware is a 24-Hour, 7 days a week state-wide helpline that offers crisis counselling, information and referrals for problem gamblers or their families and friends. It is available to anyone in NSW that wants to talk about their own or someone else’s gambling activities.

Staff Training

All staff employed at Hornsby RSL Club that provide service in areas where gambling can occur are required by law to complete the Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course. In order to successfully attain an RCG accreditation participants are required to demonstrate an understanding of the indicators and impacts of problem gambling and be aware of responsible gambling strategies. Our staff are also trained to reporting activities or behaviors that may indicate a person has a problem with gambling.

Help Is Close at Hand
Gambling more, enjoying it less? Help is close at hand. For free and confidential information and advice about problem gambling, please contact:

GambleAware – 1800 858 858

Communities Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing

ClubSAFE Counselling - 1800 99 77 66


Hornsby RSL Club has developed a Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy to maintain the highest standards regarding the responsible service of alcohol and patron care. In making this commitment, Hornsby RSL Club regularly consults with our local Police and Hornsby Liquor Accord regarding the safety of our premises.
In line with mandatory license conditions, legislation and our commitment to the safety our patrons, Hornsby RSL Club is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our obligations by:

  • - Refusing entry to a club to persons who appear to be intoxicated
  • - Refusing service of alcohol to persons who appear intoxicated
  • - Refusing service of alcohol to persons who are under the age of 18
  • - Refusing entry to a club in restricted areas to persons who appear to be under the age of 18 and cannot provide acceptable proof of age
  • - Refusing service of alcohol to persons who appear under the age of 18 and cannot provide acceptable proof of age
  • - Refusing service to persons who are suspected to be supplying alcohol to persons under the age of 18
  • - Removing persons from a club premises who appear to be intoxicated
  • - Contacting Police if a person refuses to leave the premises when asked by a Club representative. This will acquire an on the spot fine of $550.00

Hornsby RSL Club's responsible service of alcohol practices recognise that the vast majority of those patrons who participate in the consumption of alcohol do so as an enjoyable activity but that for some, alcohol consumption causes significant problems. In recognition of this, Hornsby RSL Club offers Liquor Self Exclusion and counselling through ClubSAFE for any member or guest who feels they have a problem with alcohol. If you need assistance with any liquor problem please contact a Venue Manager. A photo will be required to complete the exclusion form.